Day1.Events offers mobility and momentum for new beginnings and transitions in life, work and relationships.  
So we can thrive during the historical transitions in our world.

  1. We explore regional communities and seek to be increasingly networked so that we go beyond limits to discover better possibilities and places for ourselves and loved ones.
  2. We focus on building bridges regionally through expeditions and events that enable stressed-out city-dwellers to go beyond and “discover new possibilities” for life, work, and their future.
  3. We also empower future-proof human resource development, repurposing and life-work satisfaction.
  4. Through learning trips, opportunity expeditions, and clarity quests, our patrons and partners explore and (re)discover treasures they have buried within, treasures they have overlooked around them, and treasures in other places.

Day1.Events in Collaboration

Let's make it happen.

We are dedicated to empowering people via our own signature projects/programs/events, and also as a creative project management company in collaboration with others.

We collaborate to create exclusive perpetuity events that build and grow the value and impact of identity brands that do good.