Relocate to Retire 2023 (Thailand Edition)

Relocate to Retire 2023 (Thailand Edition)

Taking place in Chiang Mai from August 5-12, 2023

What to Expect:

"Relocate to Retire" is a live, on-site, real-life learning program, ‌ ‌fully covering the most important aspects of relocating, to retire in Thailand—specifically Chiang Mai.

This is not a tour or excursion.

This is an educational program expedition, with a realistic, fully immersive experience and focused agenda.
  • The primary goal is to ensure you are equipped and empowered to be able to confidently transplant yourselves from Singapore to Thailand as frictionless as possible.
  • The secondary goal is to ensure that whether you eventually stay (for however long) or decide not to at all, you will still be familiar enough (by the end of this program) to know you can confidently set up an extra home-base in Chiang Mai at any time, and at your own discretion, within a trusted community network.

Why a Program?

Over the past two years, there have been Singaporeans that come over to Chiang Mai to “recce” (as they like to say). For many of them, their “Recce” (“reconnoissance”) trips were a blotchy patchwork of experiences running around based on what they had read on the internet or from the opinions of newly relocated Singaporeans who were also trying to figure things out, or relying on Thai contacts that weren’t directly involved in visa, legal or immigration matters.

These trips would end up incomplete and repeated, or more confusing and limited in scope. I come to know of this only after people return to Singapore, and then get asked questions that highlight this problem. Then, I find myself back to answering questions via text to people that I haven’t met but somehow heard of me through my Telegram group.

From past experiences, I wasted countless hours agreeing to meet with others, having them sponge answers from me, then returning to ask me those same questions months later because they had forgotten what I shared with them, or moving on to other contacts and sponging a variation of those exact same answers, but rarely ever making sense of the answers because they were seeking assurance with endless mental information yet without a grounded experiential reality, thereby overwhelming themselves.

So in early-2023, I decided I would host a definitive learning experience entitled “Relocate to Retire” using the structured format of a learning program so that it can be modular and nothing important would be missed. This way there are measurable outcomes, and participants can get definitive answers for themselves during the programbecause their mindset and intention would now be aligned in seeking to get decisive clarity, thereby getting the most out of both the program and their trip, without a nagging sense that they may have missed out some crucial information.

And instead of doing this in some hotel conference room setting, it would instead be conducted and experienced on-site in Chiang Mai at specific locations and with specific people. I decided that I would put all my time, effort and experiences into making this the most absolutely effective program for those who are considering relocation for retirement, repurposing, or simply what’s possible for the next chapter of their lives.

Program Modules:

Module 1: Hello!: Retiree Community
Module 2: Home-Ownership: Foreign ownership in Thailand.
Module 3: Health: Wellbeing and Medical Facilities.
Module 4: HowTo: Legal, Accounting, Taxes, Entity Setup, Visa, etc.
Module 5: Housing: Real Estate and Property Types; Buying vs Renting.
Module 6: Hobbies and Happiness, Fun: Rediscover Joy.
2023 Bonus Module: Farm-life, Land/Farm Realities. (Included!)

What Makes This Program Special:

The "Relocate to Retire" program is special because it’s a live, on-site, real-life learning expedition fully hosted by me, with over 60+ hours of personal + professional time spent with me, along with a special selection of my most trusted contacts within Chiang Mai, covering all necessary topics regarding retirement, and it’s completely immersive, meaning it has experiential activities and experiential learning combined. The program will give you the fundamental building blocks with which to start building your own possible future.

Program Checkpoints:

  • Meet foreign retirees. Hear their stories. Discover their secrets. Know their communities and activities.
  • Connect with foreign home-owners. Hear their experiences. Discover their steps and process for ownership. Consider the pros and cons in different methods.
  • Explore Hospital and Medical Facilities, Treatment Specializations, Pharmacies, Dental, Spa, and Explore Alternatives, including TCM.
  • Learn to be legally set-up in Thailand in various capacities, from Visa to Accounting, Taxation.
  • Set-up for Local Business, BOI, or Foundation, recommended only for those with a clear vision and decision for enterprise in Thailand.
  • Explore housing options. Secure real estate connections. Learn strategic choices between renting and buying.
  • Experience a bit of fun, a bit of culture, a bit of that special invitation (from a 700 year old city) to an adventure of exploration and discovery.
  • Visit successful farm(s). Gain a realistic understanding of farming configuration(s) and suitable usage of land. (Bonus, in 2023!)

(Our expedition map will have highlighted section areas)

Program Layers:

  1. Personal Tips and Secrets: Contextual Understanding, Mindset Shifts, all to empower you to settle-in easily and enjoyably.
  2. Strategic Connections: key people that help take you from where you are and transplant you to Thailand. Whether you eventually stay or not, you will be confident enough to set-up a secondary base in Chiang Mai.
  3. Showcases: locations (areas) so that you have a sense of the layout of the land.
  4. Highlights: (drive arounds, and stops) so that you enjoy the experience in a more natural way.

Program Cost (2023 Edition):

The on-site “Relocate to Retire” learning program is scheduled to launch in 2023 with the price of US$690 per participant. (For the Singapore market, that would be S$899 per participant).

Program Bonus Module (2023 Edition):

For the launch of this 2023 edition, the Learning Module on Farm Life will be included as a bonus!
Since this is not a core retirement topic, it will be a separately charged module extension in the Relocate to Retire 2024 edition for those with additional interest in this specific area.
That means those attending “Relocate to Retire 2023” will have the option of participating in the farm visit, farm life and farm experience with this being included and covered with the program at no extra cost.

* Dare to Discover Thailand 2023 Participants, click for Special Offer*

For those who have attended the “Dare to Discover Thailand 2023” event, I want to offer you the "Relocate to Retire program (2023 Edition)" at S$750.
(The launch price listed here and on the brochure is $899. For your friends, you can give them the promo code D2DFRIENDS to get S$50 off the launch price).

I will be hosting the entire program for 5+ days; which is a total of 60+ hours of my personal+professional time dedicated to the entire duration of this program, spent with every single participant. And every single day will be full of activities and learning that contribute to a completely comprehensive experience by the time the program is finished.

I am launching in 2023 at this price because I know the amount of time, effort, and direct experiences I’m packing into this fully live, on-site, experiential learning program; and eventually in 2024, I intend to offer it at US$890 and a residential version for US$1,290.

As of now—given the cost of this program listed on the brochure at S$899 and the 60+ hours that I am committed to participants throughout the program—the price per hour for my time hosting the entire program is already charitably low at less than S$15/hour.

Nonetheless, those who have been participants of this year’s Dare to Discover Thailand 2023, I am offering the discounted price of S$750, since I had planned to launch the “Relocate to Retire” program in 2023 and had also mentioned it during the "Dare to Discover Thailand 2023" event.

And with this fortunate timing, it nicely coincides with those who will be in Chiang Mai in August, so offering this program during that time between 5-12 August would be the most valuable thing I could do to support the optimal use of everyone’s time while there together to explore the practicalities of "relocating to retire".

Your Host:

Khun Ke left a professional life in Singapore that became increasingly unfulfilling, and found his way to Chiang Mai where he experienced the space that he needed to process life tragedies and rediscover joy again.

Having been in Chiang Mai since 29th Dec 2015, Khun Ke (nicknamed in Thai) has been actively involved with local community life and enjoys bridging connections between different groups, through food, music and events.

He has actively created, curated and hosted food events in Chiang Mai, bringing various people and cultures together to bond over meals and new friendships.
Even during his time in Singapore, he regularly hosted famous record-breaking movie events as a way to bring people together and feel less alienated by city life.

Khun Ke has championed the (temporary or extended) relocation from cities to communities as a way for personal renewal and repurposed living.

Extra Bonuses for participating in the 2023 Edition of "Relocate to Retire":

  1. Special Farm Experience (optional, but available) : 2 days of insights, inspiration, and more that will change how you think about what is possible.
  2. 1 year membership to Day1Club which will be launched this year, dedicated to becoming the #1 Happy Retirement Network for Repurposed Living.
  3. Access to Trusted Community Network(s) for connection and enrichment. (Click here for a viewable PDF brochure for this event).
Please message should you need an option for payment installment.

"Relocate to Retire 2023" (Thailand Edition)

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