DiscoverQuest: The Global Asset Collection

DiscoverQuest: The Global Asset Collection

Wealthy people know that their wealth comes from their portfolio of assets; from problem-solving assets like their businesses to time-based assets that are under-appreciated or overlooked, yet have inherent value that go up over time.  That is why wealthy people generally invest in property and art.  

Here at Day1, we believe in providing "solutions for the future that begin today". These solutions focus on preserving and progressing wealth and well-being beyond the present; hence connecting with local artisans and craft-masters that are still alive today, as well as identifying optimal locations for active and thriving retirement or seasonal living.  

Our solutions are sourced from wonderfully diverse cultures in Southeast Asia and the Malay Archipelago, where they have preserved their heritage through exquisite art, rare handicraft, and distinct historic-life value.  

Southeast Asia / Malay Archipelago

This exciting region of the world boasts vast natural beauty and rich multicultural uniqueness that has been overlooked and undervalued for far too long.  Yet those seeking a balanced life of wealth and well-being will discover the availability of hidden paradises scattered throughout here.  

We are currently based in the historic 700 year old mountain town of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand, where heritage, art, culture, design, and cuisine continue to flourish, alongside modern development.  There are a wealth of overlooked exquisite art and rare handicraft that are highly valuable as collectibles, just as there are undervalued lands with properties that can serve as secondary homes.  

By being on the ground, our clients are assured of discovering art and property for strategic wealth storage for the future.  They also have access to trips and experiences that explore optimal well-being.  

We have currently updated our network.  For those searching in this region for art and property assets as a strategic store of wealth in 2023, contact us directly.